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Amy Jones, My Life Incorporated. 
Bring all you are to all you do.


You see, I have always ran an "incorporated" business just not an "incorporated" life.  

While I started my business at the tender age of 24 and never looked back, I learned quickly to run an incorporated business, just not an incorporated life.  I spent years working on my businesses constantly at the expense of my personal life, my family, and my health.  Once I started really working with intention and integrated myself fully and JOYFULLY into the work everything changed.  The energy in my clients, my staff, and myself shifted and that has made all the difference.  Rather than trying to avoid business talk around the dinner table now we find it enjoyable and I love bringing parts of my personal and family life into my businesses.  You see, we are human beings running these businesses and we must honor that humanity in implementing systems that allow us to work at a pace and in a style that is nurturing and abundant rather than grinding and rigorous. 

You are meant for more.

Whether you work for yourself or others, you are always expanding.  Sometimes that looks like a leveling up in the same direction and sometimes it may mean starting a new journey.  Just know this, as a human on this Earth, you are never done growing, expanding, and developing and I believe that our biggest calling in life it to become the biggest, best versions of ourselves.  This looks different in different stages of life and I continue to surprise myself with projects I am still taking on as I approach my fifties!  You're never done and that is great!  It means there is so much fun left to be had.  All you have to do is get started and I have some tricks to help get you on your way!

It is my goal to bring women together, give women the support they need to start new projects, and to help women find the joy and excitement for life they know is still inside them.  Remember ladies, this world needs models, not martyrs.  Let's get to working, playing, and living a life worthy of imitation by those coming up behind us. 

Ladies, we truly are better together!

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